Aware about the fact that also Cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin and top 10 Cryptos arouses too much curiosity among investors in TRADING industry, we always take time to teach our students and future traders a serious approach toward crypto trading and how to filter and trade both locally in your city/country or online safely cryptocurrencies without risk of falling into traps or damaging their capital.

Blockchain is an amazing technology and we do believe that any visionary investor should be aware of that and study it but without taking too much risk. Bitcoins, despite the fact that it is very volatile, and it’s not yet guaranteed and endorsed by governments and institutions, it is widely accepted among as a valuable virtual currency and you can buy and sell goods and services with it. So definitely is here to stay.

However you do highly recommend to take seriously any investments in Crypto, and study carefully all the aspects before getting aboard. Since there is still lack of information in this industry, many takes advantage and do offer unreal profits for investors and traders.

Learn Trading Major Cryptocurrencies [ Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, BAT, NEO, USDT, Ripple XRP, Stellar (XLM), Cardano (ADA) ]. Learn also how to get in profitable ICO


We only recommend LOCALBITCOINS :

Decentralized exchange. In this platform you can buy or sell Bitcoins, by  all means Cash locally in your city or village, Wire Transfer , Paypal, Moneybooker, Skrill, ATM.

But you still have to take some security measure during the exchange, like reading the review about the dealer, and try first to make some small deals several times before going big.

But definitely the only secured platform so far.


Bitcoins trading is not yet centralized, it’s like Forex, every broker has his own feed and liquidity. The top 10 recommended platforms for trading Bitcoins are safe. However you still have to study each platform and what it offer in term of liquidity and volume traded so you would not be stacked in a position. Also some platforms offer better tools for technical analysis than other.

If you are used with future trading, forex or stock market, you wold not be able to use external platforms , like Ninjatrader, Metatrader, Motivewave ….

Best Bitcoin Exchanges In The World For Trading Bitcoins [Updated List]:

  1. Binance
  2. Bittrex
  3. KuCoin
  4. Huobi Pro
  5. Bibox
  6. Poloniex
  7. Bitmex (High volume with many less known Cryptocurrencies available as well)
  8. GDAX (Part of Coinbase)
  9. Kraken
  10. Bitstamp

If you are looking for a website to buy Bitcoins instantly using Credit Card, here are some of the best & most reliable options:

  2. CoinMama
  3. Wirex
  4. Bitit

If you want to Trade Consistently We recommend the following Courses :

Order Flow Course

Supply and Demand trading course

Trading course for Beginners


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