A major problem that many traders have is that they use so many indicators that their screen is too cluttered that it is difficult to make a good trading decision. Sometimes one indicator says buy and another one says sell. I like to keep my screen clean and easy to see. That is why I created the software. I wanted an uncluttered screen without a lot of squiggly lines to blur my trading decisions.
All of these setups can easily be seen when they occur in real time with the software which is the only order flow or footprint style chart that will highlight the setups.
Traders often get caught up using complex technical indicators that are based on price to try and predict the market movements. What they tend to forget is that the main driver of price direction comes down to simple supply and demand. If we see demand for a product, service, commodity, or currency accelerate, we will begin to see increasing prices for that product. Economists call it “The LAW of demand”, not the “theory of demand”, or the “idea of demand”. The Law of demand, like the law of gravity is a proven concept.

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