One-to-One TRADING COACH Training

Personal Coaching Program to become a professional trader

Imagine being tutored, one-to-one, by an experienced professional trader who is completely committed to your success. Now imagine receiving what is probably the most complete training that a trader can receive. And most importantly we will be honored when it comes to explaining if you are able to be part of that 5% consistent trader.



One-to-One Trader Professional Training

the first thing we will do is evaluate if you are qualified to become a professional trader. We believe that a trader is not born, but is made. However in order to become a professional trader it is necessary to have a self-discipline and a willingness to work hard on yourself which very few people have. If you do not have that willingness and what it takes to be a disciplined trader, we will tell you, so you do not waste your time and most importantly your money.

Our training will be focused on the most important part of the trading, usually the part that is missed in the vast majority of trading courses : money management, risk management and mental preparation.

In TRADING & MENTORING you will learn how to become a consistent trader capable of obtaining positive results. How is that possible? First, we help to shift your mind that this is an easy career and that everyone can live from trading. We start from scratch … we will make you mentally strong based on an intensive training in both simulated and real. You will teach to make your own decisions, create your own strategies or trading systems.

You will acquire the essential technical and fundamental knowledge necessary to be able to operate as a professional trader. And perhaps most importantly, you will learn to master your emotions, to become a truly disciplined trader. Because if there is a key to becoming a consistent trader, the first step is in the SELF-DISCIPLINE.

Success in Trading is not based on what you know, or even on the system you use. It is about being able to make decisions when we have to do it, without feeling any emotions. Thisclearly makes the difference between a winning trader or a losing trader.
All traders have a single goal: to make money consistently in the markets.

And the formula is quite simple. All you have to do is:

buy when the market goes up and sell when the market goes down;

set profit targets higher than the losses of your stop loss, and

use a strategy and setpups with at least 50% probaility of success.

It’s all pure mathematics, but just because it’s simple, does not mean it’s easy. In fact, according to multiple statistics 70% of the traders lose money and 18% is constantly around a breakeven point.

This means that only 12% of traders consistently earn money. How comet? And what do these traders who are part of the group of winners have in common?

To better understand this question, someone asked 3,000 traders what may be the reason they why they constantly loose money instead of making it. And a very important part of them responded as follows:

• The lack of a trading plan
• Lack of discipline to follow the trading plan
• Lack of control of emotions
• Failure to accept and limit losses
• Lack of commitment and perseverance
• Over trading or Excess of operations

If you look closely at these six areas, you will realize that it all comes down to two fundamental questions:

1. Do you have a trading plan ?
2. Do you have the discipline to execute and follow that trading plan?.

When you approach these two problems you will also have taken an important step towards controlling your emotions, being able to limit your losses and not overdoing.

Once you learn how to create a professional trading plan and execute the operations accordingly, you will have a clear advantage over most of the traders. And let’s face it, the market is not a fight between bulls and bears; The market is a struggle between the few disciplined traders who operate based on a defined plan and most of the traders who believe they are in the casino enjoying the emotions of winning and losing money.

This is what you get
with our Personal Coaching program

A 12-week comprehensive coaching program that will teach you how to build your own trading plan and confidently implement it in a real trading environment:

• You will learn to decide what kind of trader you want to be
• Learn multiple proven trading strategies.
• We will help you select the right graphics software and trading platform
• Practice trading strategies
• Learn to understand how market order flows works

CONTACT US : An interview or video conference is a mandatory.

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