• order flow analytics READY FOR NinjaTrader 8
  • Drag and Drop tools on specific ranges and swings to eliminate fixed lookback technical analysis pitfalls.
  • Volume Cluster Analysis data visualization breaks down periods into critical data points for precision entry, stop and take profit prices.
  • Dynamic logic of profiles expose range and breakout opportunities for improved market context.

OFA Software Includes:

Order Flow Charting Bars

  • OFA Probe and Rotation Bars
  • OFA Minute-Based Bars
  • OFA Second-Based Bars
  • OFA Volume-Based Bars
  • OFA Tick-Based Bars
  • Dynamic Volume Cluster Analysis
  • Order Flow / Structure Chart Toggle
  • Order Flow Volume Print
  • Order Flow Bid and Offer Alerts
  • Toxic Order Flow Sequence Alerts
  • Order Flow Exhaustion Markers
  • Net Delta / COT numbers
  • Best Bid/Offer Highlight
  • Last Price Highlight
  • Zero Print Filter

Drag & Drop Volume Profile Analysis

  • Decision Point Profiles
  • Range Profiles
  • Swing Profiles
  • Fixed Bar Width Live Profiles
  • Right & Left Margin Alignment
  • Dynamic Neutral/Buy/Sell Color Logic
  • Adjustable Value Area Calculation
  • Adjustable Cluster Area Calculation
  • CWAP Indicator
  • Value Area Lines
  • Cluster Area Lines
  • VPOC Line
  • VWAP Line
  • VWAP History Line
  • Standard Deviation Lines

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