Trading Course Dubai

Trading Course in Dubai Online UAE . Trading training for Dubai traders and EAU investors. Learn Daytrading and Swing Trading Online – and Physically in Dubai

We are European and Arabic traders  proud to launch special educational courses and material for traders throughout the Middle East (UAE) and North Africa both online and physical in trading centers through E.A.U and Dubai territory. The Dubai courses are launched to enhance trading in the area and share quality training with both newbies traders and experimented traders.

Futures Trading Course Dubai UAE

We teach how to trade consistently Futures [CME futures: Crude Oil, Bonds, SP500, Dax, Gold, Commodities], Forex, and also Stock market. Our Courses already boasts more than 2500 students who are encouraged to return to design a specific material for Dubai and Middle East traders, and futures traders.

Cryptocurrencies Trading Course Dubai UAE

Aware about the fact that also Cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoins arouses too much curiosity among investors, we always take time to teach our students a serious approach toward crypto trading and how to filter and trade both locally in Dubai or online safely cryptocurrencies without risk of falling into traps or damaging their capital. Blockchain is an amazing technology and we do believe that any visionary investor should be aware of that and study it but without taking too much risk.


We definitely invite you to join us for the upcoming courses, webinaries or workshops. Our qualified and highly experienced teachers and traders would love to help you achieve your financial freedom and investment goals. As an Online Trading student, you’ll become part of a trading community, and hence you will be able to share your experiences and analysis with a large broad of traders and investors from different countries and different background and culture.

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