ORDER FLOW TRADING COURSE : Searching over the Internet surely you will realize that there are very few courses about the Order Flow Trading, or order flow trading futures and those offered mostly are very very expensive, with low quality content. However Order Flow trading is the only tool that really makes sense when it comes to market Analysis. Obviously at first sight Order Flow seems to be very complicated and complex, and hence very few traders are interested in learning the order flow tools. The vast majority of traders are more attracted by easy setups trading strategies, and Green/Red light Indicators, since there is a huge community of educators, and traders promoting and saling this kind of trading methods. ORDER FLOW TRADING REVIEW


To be profitable and consistent in the Trading industry you have to do something different than most traders do, and especially in the futures market, the Order Flow orderflowtrading will give you an edge over other retail traders.

This course aims to open your eyes on how professional traders look, price charts at the market and how they trade in real time, by just watching the order flow getting in the market instead of waiting for the magic indicator to tell them when to buy , sell or get out of the trade. With Order Flow, no confluence of dozen of variables and indicators, lines … is needed anymore, You JUST TRADE WHAT YOU SEE.

If you already know what we are going to tell you below, then go directly and book now your seat in the Course in the following link online order flow course

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This trading Order Flow Analytics Course is only suitable for people with certain background in financial markets and some experience in the Futures, Forex or Stock market. Or Traders already profitable but in search of the consistency and on how to improve their system.

Trades used with trading with volume and price or Wyckoff methos or strategies , may be able to improve dramatically their setups and trading plan , by incorporating order Flow.



Orderflowtrading This course is also designed for those traders who have abandoned at some point and want to return back to the world of trading, with another approach and another perspective.

Traders already consistent in Forex, Shares or options and seek to embark on futures market, definitely order flow is the way to choose.

If this is not your case, the courses below are recommended first.



▷ What should you expect to be learned in this Order Flow Course:

  • Order flow trading futures versus Forex
  •     Orders book
  •     DOM or SuperDOM (Smart DOM)– Level II and Depth of the Market
  •     Type of orders and mechanism of futures markets.
  •     Order Flow software, its configuration and start-up
  •     Market movements.
  •     Trace orders – Footprint
  •     Volume Profile & Market Profile analysis
  •     Value Area – VWAP, CWAP, POC – Atypical deviation.
  •     Define Imbalance Zones
  •     Delta and COT
  •     Absorption and Exhaustion
  •     Candle patterns and the Order Flow
  •     Chartist patterns and the Order Flow.
  •     Define Imbalance Zones
  •     Supply and Demand – Zones
  •     Risk management and the use of ATM
  •     Trading Plan based on the Order Flow
  • Strategies for operating with Order Flow.
  • Price action and Order Flow
  • Collection of statistical data and test of the trading plan.
  • One-2-One Sessions
  • Tutoring and Review of the Trading Plan of Each Student
  • 4 weeks of weekly operational review of each student.
  • Access to the Order Flow Group where Order Flow strategies are discussed.
  • The Market profile is an integral part of the O.F.A Software we use, so if you are looking for the Market Profile and Order Flow Course this course is ideal for you.
  • Markets change and update, and our contents will be too. Our students will always be the first to receive notification with well-detailed PDF documents with everything new in trading, techniques, market changes throughout 2019
  •    Access to the Order Flow Group where Order Flow strategies are discussed.

Book now the Online Course on Offer

▷ Trading Courses Format :

  •  It’s totally an Online Course with interaction in real time (Live) – Limited Seats >>
    Deliverable videos after the course for review.
  •     Course divided into sessions, for real-time practices in the market.
    The Course Cost is 799 euros Online – Promotional price until Septmeber 25th 2019
  •     Payment Method: Paypal or Bank Transfer and BIITCOINS
  •     Course start date: September 25 – Duration 15 days (two hours per day). Possibility of morning schedule, and afternoon / evening schedule.
  • Important Note: Commitment 100%, if with this course and applying it to your trading plan we do not improve the results of your trading to a minimum of 25% compared to your previous results in 6 months of Real Trading we will refund your money without hesitation.


  • Whether you are based in United States, Canada, Europe, South America, Singapore, UK or overseas this course may fit your needs to help you improve drastically your trading results and help you get consistency en your daytrading or swing trading.
  • All order flow trading review from traders across the globe agrees that the only way to understand the market is through a deep understanding of the orderflow and order book.

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    Supply and Demand ZONES Course -High Probability Zone in Forex and Futures

    PD: If you want to receive a free version of our trading course with Order Flow from scratch in PDF, sign up. In short, we are the reference to teach you how to trade with the order order flow and market profile. Step by step we will help you with courses of market profile, order flow, supply and demand, level II, Level III and execution of orders.

  • Please leave us your orderflowtrading reviews, comments or opinions. Your opinions are highly valued.

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    Hi this is Thomas from Germany, I took this course and had as a bonus the Supply Demand Indicator and it’s preset template. And really made it easy for me. I know understand how to draw the supply demand Zones and how to select the high probability zones.
    One hundred boxes is fair enough, and the material is high quality. Honestly I spend much more in many indicators, and they don’t even dear to help you for setup, and here first they teach you then they deliver the indicator to make it easy. But even without indicator I learn how to draw those zones manually…
    Thanks guys and happy trading

  2. thomas

    hello. can i start the course today or is there a fixed day for it? also i want to know, how many 1 to 1 sessions are included? thanks

    • traders

      Dear Thomas,

      Sorry for the delay,

      Since your consultation was submitted as a comment it went to Spam.

      Regarding the one-2-one sessions. After the theoretical part of the course each student have 2 one-2-one sessions every week during a month.

      After you will have an additional month during which you can send me all your weekly trades by email and I supervise it then answer with list of improvements (obviously if any).

      If you have any additional questions please let me know.

      Best Regards.

  3. David

    I emphasize especially the trading system proposed by the course. Although once you get deeper knowledge about order flow and supply demand, you can apply it to any system out there.
    One-2one sessions definitely are the best part it allowed me to practice under supervision and correct so many mistakes.


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