Finding the BEST Trading COURES : Some may ask why a Consistent trader has to teach trading. Everyone will have their own reasons. I personally train, and teach trading, because after many years of trading, I have undoubtedly lost more money in making tests in real accounts, than all the money I spent in all courses and training, and I can say from my experience, it’s much more better spending your money on being well prepared, instead of being cannon fodder in the market. Real accounts blows ups faster than you can ever imagine.
On the other hand, I wish I could had someone like me in my long way toward consistency to teach me step by step, or at least to guide me toward the right stuff to learn. Someone to help me shorten the learning curve as a teacher, coach or mentor. It would have saved myself a lot of suffering and very painful experiences at the psychological level.

On the other hand, you can share information as videos on YouTube, just as I have been doing so far, but not as rigorously as a course, which involves such commitment. By giving a course there is a greater commitment, and conviction to provide quality information and get involved with students and future traders, and definitely bringing a high value to the trading community.


The third reason, “EACH ONE TEACH ONE LEGACY” I am one of those who thinks that in this universe you have to share and add value to others and through these courses it is my way provide value and contribute to others. And probably by doing it for free, neither students will value it correctly and consider with such rigor, nor will I take it with such responsibility and do my best to help and contribute to others.

Finally I have a goal to select the best traders and create a great team and provide them with means and capital. And the best way to do it, is by having them as students and follow their evolution for a while.

In the following links, each section will provide you with more information about the each course:

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